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Behaven Wellness Resources, Inc. is a care coordination and advocacy service provider network connecting and advocating for participants who qualify for tangible resources in the community based on participants needs. 

Advocacy Includes but not limited to:
Application Assistance for 


Food Stamps/TANF


Education Advocacy (IEP and 504 plans)
Employment Assistance 
Locating Re-Housing/ Prevention Assistance Programs
Pharmaceutical/ Medical/Mental Health Provider Linkage 

BWell Wellness Planning


What's a goal without a plan? Let BWell help you develop a Self-Directed Wellness Plan that will help you and your family regain  the confidence you will need and stick to a plan that is designed to your needs. 

BWell Advocates for Resources


Now we know money doesn't grow on trees especially when you are in transition. Let BWell advocate and connect you and your family to tangible community resources based on what you need help with. 


BWell Promotes Better Outcomes


BWell wants everyone to be excited about that new job or moving into a new home. However, following the steps and doing your part will speed up the process of accomplishing goals on your Wellness journey. Let BWell help you stay motivated by maintaining appointment's and staying connected to all service provider's involved in your care.

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